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History Gameplay Notes

V. I. C. (Vampire International Chronicle)


Practical Information

Because of events of 1848, the members of Camarilla (player characters) in Prague are quite young.
The first chronicle of LARP "Maškaráda" lasted one whole year (2004/2005). Since 2012, the game has been renewed in a different format.
We play twice a year (usually May and September/October) for 5 days. During the year, there are some balls and clan parties going on that are organized by players. Next upcoming event is planned for 4. - 8. May 2017.
For the trailer that summarizes the events of the yearlong chronicle, see the link below: (English subtitles added)

As we communicated with our counterparts from other European cities, we were mightily surprised, how our gameplay differs from the others. Except for the weapons (and few effects of the disciplines), we go along with the lines of the "what you see is what you get" doctrine.
That implies no use of dice to resolve an action, no storytelling sessions, no pen and paper depiction of conflicts.
So during the 5 day long session, players are usually scattered all over Prague and only those who prefer politics stay in the Elysium. Needless to say, it takes a lot of preparation to keep all 50 players busy like this.
For example, if player characters have to solve a mysterious murder, there is no narration at the table. They assess the clues they have and then physically go to the sewers, where they find a (fake) body and new leads. The ties to the mortal world and disciplines' effects make the investigation easier, but both the players and the characters have the real experience nonetheless.

Do not be scared, though :-) We also have roleplaying evenings focused on socializing, negotiating, betraying, dancing, scheming and having fun playing the character in general. :-) We will be happy to arrange an event like this during our downtime between the "regular" sessions.

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