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History Gameplay Notes

V. I. C. (Vampire International Chronicle)



Charming and enigmatic city that belongs to Camarilla territory since the dawn of Camarilla itself. Praised for its beauty by the Clan of the Rose and for its mystical powers by the Clan Tremere. Rudolf II., the Prince of Prague, a member of the clan Toreador, surrounded himself with prominent savants, inventors, artists and alchemists, mortal and immortal alike. He was known for his favor towards the Clan of the Moon and tight linkage to the Clan Tremere. However, the rule of the clan Toreador remained unchallenged for centuries.


During the night of 17. 6. 1848, the besieged, cannonaded city was suddenly full of frenzied, blood-lust driven Kindred. All the Cainites present in Prague succumbed to the call of their Beast and began to kill and mutilate, devouring souls of the weaker ones. The carnage lasted few nights, leaving the city practically without any Cainites. The raid of Sabbat packs completed the havoc later on.
At that stage, a young Toreador, known as Lady Doreen ever since, arrived to Prague with her entourage. After vicious fights she managed to drive Sabbat out of the city and declared herself as a new Prince of Prague Domain.
What happened that fateful night? An attack of Sabbat hordes? A ritual gone awfully wrong? Awakening of something that should sleep forever?
The true nature of the disaster remains a mystery, just as the role the new Prince played in saving the city. Opinions differ depending on whom you ask. Someone might think that Lady Doreen's appearance in Prague just few nights after the massacre is no coincidence and it had been planned all along. Rumor has it that she was heading to Prague to help (or even Embrace illegally) her mortal lover who as a high ranking politician suffered a grave defeat. Or maybe she just served as a puppet of her powerful Sire in those days and managed to get away from his influence gradually.
In any case, Camarilla's rule prevailed but the city has never been so peaceful again.


Another milestone in Prague's history is the year 2005. It has been the same year the Prince has forbidden to follow any different Path than Humanity in her Domain.
Valiente, the Sabbat Cardinal, gathered enormous forces for the invasion. Strangely enough, she did not even try to push the front-line but her minions attacked directly Prague. Ildephonsus Steinhebel, the Regent and Primogen of the clan Tremere at that time, joined the Sabbat raid and became its leader. Local Camarilla, taken by surprise by this sudden turn of events, was forced to withdraw temporarily. However, few weeks later Camarilla counterattacked, killing the treacherous Tremere, forcing the Sabbat hordes out of Prague and taking the city back.

Camarilla X Sabbat

The front-line runs near cities Brno and Ostrava in the long term. Slovakia (after division of the Czechoslovakia in 1993) and Poland belong to Sabbat; main seat of Sabbat Cardinal is in Bratislava nowadays. Sabbat packs also operate on the territory of Hungary, Croatia and other countries on the South of Europe.

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